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The developers of Elden Ring share a live stream of gameplay, here are the dates and links for the stream

The developers of Elden Ring share a live stream of gameplay, here are the dates and links for the stream

Elden Ring News

From Software has announced that it will be sharing a fresh look at the gameplay of their highly anticipated Elden Ring game through a live broadcast on their YouTube and Twitch channels on Thursday, November 4th.

The announcement came through the studio's accounts on social media platforms, which confirmed that the broadcast will last for 15 minutes and will start at 5:00 pm tomorrow, Thursday, Mecca time, where the broadcast will be translated into several languages ​​that have not been disclosed yet.

Elden Ring Live Streaming Links



It is noteworthy that this is the first and lengthy review of the game after announcing its postponement for a month from its previously scheduled date, as the launch date of the game is now February (2) of next year 2022.

We expect to take an expanded look at the world of the upcoming Elden Ring game tomorrow, as the developers promised to share with us more details about the game world, which has become open and explorable with various features such as fast travel, identifying points on the map of the game world, and seeing more enemy leaders that characterized their previous games. .

The game takes place in a world called Lands Among which was created in collaboration with Game of Thrones author George RR Martin who was tasked with creating the game's story. Players will be free to customize their characters using a character generator similar to those in the Dark Souls series.

No matter what appearance and character traits players choose, they will take on the role of one of the many Tarnished exiles whose ancestors were banished from the Lands Between many years ago. But when the Elden Ring is shattered, they get a chance to return and conquer their enemies in the Lands Between from which they were once expelled.

Elden Ring will be released on new and past generation platforms and PC on February 25 (2) of next year 2022.