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Revealed a new map for the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite ..


Revealed a new map for the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite ..

Enthusiasm about Halo Infinite has recently returned, after the release of the new story mode presentation, which highlighted some of the stages and characters of the campaign phase in the game, and the extent of the improvements that have been obtained. and social networks.

Game developer 343 Industries has revealed a new map for the online multiplayer mode, which is a medium-sized map, dedicated to the Arena 4v4 game system, and it is called “Streets.”

“This is an Arena 4v4 space and it's one of our medium to small maps.

This map plays hard with our Strongholds mode, and so does Oddball."

Streets is a small battleground located in New Mombasa and what makes it special is that it's night time, especially visually compared to other Halo Infinite multiplayer maps we've seen so far because it contains many subtle artistic touches, such as the “Holodog” ad, the Halo arcade hall The old-fashioned Infinite that is the MIDI version of the Halo theme, the horizon that you can see in the background from certain lookout points on the map, and the glass side rails of the stairs, which can be shattered.

As for the other multiplayer modes, Andrew Waits said there are at least two additional BTB maps we haven't seen yet, "Deadlock" and "High Power" and previously told IGN:

"This question is something we talk about a lot. I think what we've done with the segmentation of the Big Team Battle map is what we want, we want things to look fresh, but we also want it to have a feel of the above without giving you the exact same layout or the same layout with slight differences, Because we are a different game with different needs."

Halo Infinite will be released for consoles and PC on December 8, 2021, exclusively on Xbox Series.