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Returnal players discover a loophole to save their progress in the game.

Returnal players discover a loophole to save their progress in the game.

Returnal, available exclusively on the PlayStation 5, is one of the most difficult titles as it applies rogue-like rules in a very harsh and harsh way, and players have criticized the developers of the game for this strictness in punishing the player in the event of the death of his character in the game, where he will then be forced to return to zero with Some unrewarding rewards.

Recently, and through a response from the developers to the public’s demands to provide save points in the game, an idea that was rejected by the developer, the game obtained a feature called suspend cycle, which allows the user to set a temporary save point, but the game’s audience was able to discover a loophole that enables them to turn it into a save point Always.

The idea of ​​exploiting the loophole revolves around making a suspend cycle of the game in one of the areas where you want to save, then upload the game’s save file to the cloud service on the PlayStation Network and then return to the game to complete the game. If you are killed, you can then download the save file from the service Cloud and play from the previous breakpoint.

Of course, this step will require you to be a subscriber to the PlayStation Plus service to be able to have the opportunity to save via the cloud service on the PlayStation Network.

This step or the loophole received a great interaction from the game’s audience, who stopped a large number of them from returning to it due to the difficulty of progress in it. Rapidly.

It is reported that the developers of Returnal in Housemarque studio have absolutely refused to put save points in the game, arguing that its idea revolves around the recurring life cycles that start every time a character dies, and putting such a feature will make the experience easy and lose the element of challenge in it.

Are you thinking of returning now to the game Returnal again to try to finish the game through the use of this loophole, or would you prefer to finish it the official way?