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Konoha hero Naruto "Naruto" officially joins the game Fortnite after a long wait..

Konoha hero Naruto "Naruto" officially joins the game Fortnite after a long wait..

Naruto officially joins the game Fortnite:

After many hints and leaks that indicated the arrival of Naruto, the ninja hero in the famous anime series Naruto, who will be the guest of the upcoming “Fortnite” game, Fortnite officially, by announcing the game’s official page on social media, on the sixteenth of this month. November 2021.

Thus, Epic Games is still continuing with more cooperation and intersection with other entertainment titles, through the famous battle royale game Fortnite and many characters from Hollywood films, comics or manga and other games, and it is not surprising that it continues to do so, and cooperates with one of the most famous characters in the anime world. A famous manga in Shōnen Jump Naruto.

The official Fortnite game account also announced earlier the introduction of one of the most distinguishing features of the Naruto series from other anime series, which is the fast jogging movement, where the character extends his hand back to take off quickly with the effects of speed appearing through the air stream.

The movement is available under the name Full Tilt Emote, and you can see the performance of some characters in the game Fortnite and they perform it in the video attached to the tweet from here. A good gesture from Epic and Fortnite for the long history that the Naruto series has provided us throughout the past period.