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"New World" Game Losing Players!

New World Game Losing Players!

 New World Game Losing Players!

"New World", one of the most talked about games on the agenda, attracted great attention. New World, which was eagerly awaited from the beta process to the exit process and finally met with the players, continues to be on the agenda, but is spoken more badly. While the game's famous "video card burning" feature continues, many players complain about the optimization of the game. For this reason, it is stated that the computers of the players are very difficult and some players have lost the functionality of their graphics cards. At the same time, some players, who thought that there were important deficiencies related to the gameplay of the game, decided to quit the game.

The decrease in the player base of the game continues for the reasons mentioned above. Looking at the instant player count statistics on Steam, this situation is better revealed. New World, which captured more than 900 thousand instant players about a month ago, nevertheless lost players quickly. The number of instant players decreased to 250 thousand people and did not rise above the range of 300-400 thousand players. It was also observed that the number of instant players decreased to 60 thousand. Although the number of players approaching 400 thousand during the day was observed, it was observed that the general average did not go above 300 thousand. Although the number of players around 900 thousand was not expected to be continuous, it was not expected that such a rapid decline would occur.