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Netflix Games service arrives today on Android devices, here is the list of available games.

Netflix Games service arrives today on Android devices, here is the list of available games.

Netflix Games 

Netflix is ​​the giant in the cinema and television industry, but it also wants a seat at the gaming industry table, which is considered the most powerful industry in the world, especially in the last few years. After sharing many details about its plan, the company decided to launch its new Netflix Games service today on Android devices.

Yesterday evening, Netflix officially announced its gaming service, which will be under the Netflix Games banner. As we learned earlier, this service will be included with your subscription to the main platform, which means that you will not need to subscribe to it.

 Furthermore, there is no additional subscription fee and there will be no advertisements or any purchasable items within these games. The company also confirmed that users can play games on more than one device at the same time, but there is a limit on the package that you are subscribed to.

The service is now available on Android devices around the world, while iOS users will have to wait until later. Currently there are only five games:

Netflix Games Available:

Stranger Things: 1984

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Shooting Hoops

Card Blast

Teeter Up

If the games do not require an internet connection, Netflix will allow you to play them without any connection, which is a good thing. Of course, the company has several plans to expand and increase diversity in its library, both for seasoned players and for non-veteran players as well.

The company has previously stated that the gaming industry has a very high potential and we have seen their investment in the sector, as it recently acquired Night School, the developer of the wonderful Oxenfree series, and told us that it will acquire more in the coming days. The main plan will be to launch the games first on mobile phones and then on PC and home devices.

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