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A new blow to Epic, find out the real reasons for banning Fortnite in China.

A new blow to Epic, find out the real reasons for banning Fortnite in China.

 Fortnite is banned China:

“Fortnite” is one of the most famous free battle royale games in the world, with about 350 million users from different countries of the world, and despite the inaccuracy of the numbers, a huge number of these players are from China, this country is known to constitute most of the The number of players in the world.

Three years after the release of the game Fortnite in China, which had a special version there, which complies with many strict requirements regarding violent, obscene or politically sensitive content for China, this version will not be available within two weeks from now, so After the publisher Epic announced that it will stop working on the game's servers starting from the 15th of November this month, the publisher stated in a statement:

"Fortnite China Beta testing is over, servers will be shut down soon."

Although the company did not explain the reason for this decision, but it comes at a very sensitive stage in the field of video games within the People’s Republic of China, which recently contains strict laws and regulations in order to regulate this sector, as the Chinese authorities have become strict in matters related to competition and personal data, Where the Chinese authorities have taken many measures against a large number of major companies in the sector because of what they called practices that were previously permitted on a large scale.

Over the past months, the Chinese authorities have imposed strict laws limiting the time allowed to play video games for those under the age of eighteen, and have limited it to three hours a week, and at the same time seek to remove the characters of men who look like women and immoral content from video games.

But Fortnite is not the only famous brand that left China, as it also left the famous search engine Yahoo, as well as Microsoft announced that it will close its social platform specialized in recruitment, LinkedIn in China, because of what it called the work environment and difficult conditions, and most likely they may actually be the reasons The real reason behind the fortnite ban is there.

The economic implications of this decision:

After Apple’s decision to ban the game Fortnite from its digital stores, this decision will certainly be considered a second painful blow to the publisher Epic, but this time it was forced, even if he did not explain the reasons for this decision, but it will negatively return to the game’s performance and popularity, as well as its revenue after stopping the game In one of the world's largest markets, which is China.

After the publisher's statement, shares of the Chinese company Tencent listed in Hong Kong fell last Tuesday, which had a large stake in Epic, and here is the size of the impact of this decision, although it is not yet clear how bad the numbers are for the Fortnite developer.

It is very possible that Epic saw that the Chinese market would be more difficult, and less profitable in the near future after a series of decisions made by the Chinese authorities, especially on game developers and publishers, and preferred to withdraw early.