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Source: The story of Cod: Modern Warfare 2 will be rebuilt..!

Cod: Modern Warfare 2

 It already seems that the next part of our beloved series will already be the game Cod: Modern Warfare 2, where it is believed that Activision will release it in a story mode only, but it is not like what we have seen before, but will be rebuilt again to become more ethical in its system and will quote the ideas of many films that We will share it with you below.


According to VGC and its own sources, Cod: Modern Warfare 2 will feature an overhauled storyline including a new moral system. Movies like Sicario, Traffic, and No Country for Old Men According to a Twitter user, these match up with previously cited information from several other sources that the Infinity Ward sequel will center around a battle against Colombian drug cartels.

The game will also feature what is known as a “moral compass” which will be affected by certain decisions made by the player, and it has been likened to the “Honor System” of Red Dead Redemption 2. This is said to have a major impact on the story and it is also said that Modern Warfare 2 will feature realistic blood and limb loss. During the battle, that is, it will be intended for adults only and with a high age rating.

As for the enemies, they will try to put pressure on their wounds in an attempt to stop the bleeding, and this is what was mentioned in one of the reports that said the following

 "During intense moments, your character will react accordingly, during the ambush sequence where your patrol vehicle is attacked by enemy fire, your character will shake."

Weapons will also be more widespread, better, stronger and more diverse, and this is what the Infinite Ward studio was looking forward to, which it is said that the game will be developed, so what do you think, our followers, we recall that the latest rumors confirmed that the launch date of the game will be in the next year 2022.