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Leaked images from the upcoming The Last Of Us series.

The Last Of Us series.

Work is still underway on the upcoming The Last Of Us series, adapted from the series of the same name, with the participation of the game director and produced by HBO. So far, we know a lot about the series and we have seen many pictures from inside the filming sites, and now we get another set that shows us the most important section. In the whole series it is the Cordyceps fungi that make up the enemies of the game and the series.

Through one of the accounts on Twitter, a set of photos were leaked from within the series The Last Of Us, belonging to one of the scenes that combines the character “Joel”, “Elie” and the character “Tess” together, but the most important thing that caught our attention in these photos was the shape of Cordyceps fungi. Which is the basis for the transformation of humans into monsters, clappers and others, here are the pictures below.

Leaked images from the upcoming The Last Of Us series.

Leaked images from the upcoming The Last Of Us series.

So far, these images are the clearest in terms of showing the shape of the characters, especially the character “Jules” embodied by the actor Pedro Pascal, but look and notice with us the way the fungi that formed the enemies in the series (and will also form them in the series) were designed exactly as in the game literally, It seems that in this scene we see the characters discover and notice for the first time the shape of the fungus and try to discover the reason for their appearance.

It is noteworthy that the director of the series Druckmann and the director of the series also confirmed that through the series we will be able to get answers to questions that were present in the series, and we will also have some completely new scenes, except for scenes adapted from the same series.

Finally, it is mentioned that each episode of the series has a budget of about 10 million US dollars, and that the first episodes will be released in 2022. Are you excited for the series after these pictures of Cordyceps fungi formed by the enemies we knew throughout the series..?