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Days Gone developers are preparing to enter their new project into full production.


Days Gone

We know that Days Gone studio Bend is working on a new open world IP address. We also know that this project is not Days Gone 2, which Sony canceled due to the failure of the first part and almost caused the dismantling of the studio, but Sony wanted to provide him with the last chance through his new, unannounced project.

At the moment, Bend Studio is adding more employees as today it has announced its need for 14 different jobs. Of course, this number is not large when we know that the studio has approximately 125 to 150 employees. But what caught our attention is that all of these jobs that have been announced are for heads and officials in vital departments in the studio, and this also means that each of them will have a full team working for him on a dedicated part of the project.

This also makes us move on to the other thing, which is that the lack of such people in such important positions so far within the studio may suggest that the project is still in the very early stages of development, but we know that Sony has already given the green light to the development team to move to full production. Which comes after presenting a sample of the project along with the basic plans to the company for approval.

days gone

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If these conclusions are correct, we may not see what the studio is working on for many years. Days Gone took six years to develop, four of which were spent in full production. This is what the new title of the studio may take, and therefore the new project may not be launched before 2025 or 2026. But Sony can also reveal it early on, for the sake of suspense and marketing, as well as sensing the public’s reaction to the project, which may also contribute to determining its fate.

It is reported that Bend Studio had a plan ready for the game Days Gone 2, which was presented to Sony Corporation, but the latter rejected it completely after the first part did not achieve the expected success of it and also tried to dismantle the studio and distribute its members to other PlayStation studios, but the management of the studio prevented this from happening .

Do you expect the developers of Days Gone's new project and their last chance for survival to be successful and make it join other PlayStation studios like Naughty Dog and Santa Monica?